Highest Sale Price: 1.54 x Appraised | 1.73 x Revenue
Commissions Saved To Date*: $9,154,220
Dentist Purchasers Registered: 2004

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David Mayzel is your legal risk manager and the Chief Operating Officer of DMC LLP. He is a trained courtroom lawyer and has spent many years resolving disputes both in and out of court. He knows how to prepare documents and execute transactions in a way that avoids or mitigates legal risks. He can be reached at 416.528.5280 or david@dentistlawyers.ca.    

Michael Carabash is your business law adviser and the managing partner of DMC LLP. He is an entrepreneur at heart who helps you see the big legal picture. He drafts clear and effective agreements that protect your rights while promoting your interests. He can be reached at 647.680.9530 or michael@dentistlawyers.ca.